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Ask Engadget HD: Boxee Box vs A-200 NMT vs. Popbox, which media streamer to choose?


Three mini media streamer boxes are arriving in the early days of 2010, and only one will likely end up bringing video to your HDTV. Of the A-200 NMT, Popbox and Boxee Box, only the A-200 has actually reached the most early adopters yet, but we'll assume you've perused spec sheets and considered the possibilities carefully. Our friend Dilip's question is very, very simple:

"With the A-200 already on sale, I'm not sure if I should pick it up, or wait for the Boxee or Popbox to ship later."

So, as a discriminating buyer, what are you planning to do? Sticking with an existing media streamer setup or do you think any of the new hardware coming down the pipe will coax you into a purchase? Let us know about your early impressions of these products in the comments, and check out a video sneak peek of the new UI coming to the C-200 and A-200 embedded after the break.

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