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Raskulls XBLA box art to be chosen by fans


It's been quite some time since we discussed Halfbrick's upcoming XBLA action puzzler, Raskulls. Lest you've forgotten the game, imagine Mr. Driller with platforming elements and plenty of direct multiplayer combat. Oh, and all the characters are skeletons for some reason. Suffice it to say it's pretty colorful and "wacky." Now, Halfbrick is reaching out to its fans to decide on the virtual box art that will represent the game on Xbox Live Arcade. The two possible choices are above and, while we don't want to influence your vote, the one on the right is clearly the better of the two.

If you need some help deciding which art best represents the game, we've embedded a trailer after the break. Once you've decided, head over to the Halfbrick website and cast your vote before the polls close on February 24.

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