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WoW Moviewatch: Raid Eats


I have not previously been exposed to the work of Bullworth, although it certainly seems like he's been practicing machinima for quite some time. Tipped off to Raid Eats by reader Tom, I was pretty eager to check out a new creator. I wasn't disappointed.

The video is short and concise. I think Bullworth does a really great job of avoiding long cuts and pauses that would disrupt from the flow of his movie. I'm not sure who the target audience for Raid Eats would be, since it seems aimed at new raiders. If I did need that kind of functional raid tip, I'm pretty sure I would have found the information enlightening. But machinima doesn't tend to focus on the early level of play, so I'm a little concerned I may have missed satire or something.

The technical skills displayed by Bullworth are solid. While Raid Eats may not have the highest tiers of graphic manipulation, I think Bullworth shows a lot of sophistication and talent for putting together convincing scenes. Bullworth seems like he knows what he's doing. I'll definitely be watching him in the future to see where his further works go.

Edit: As the first two commenters point out, Raid Eats is a spoof of Good Eats. Great catch! Obviously, that clears up the issue about whether it's satire or aimed at new raiders.

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