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AddOn Spotlight: Loot Addons


AddOn Spotlight focuses on the backbone of the WoW gameplay experience - the user interface. Everything from bags to bars, buttons to DPS meters and beyond - your AddOns folder will never be the same! This week, little loot addons that help you day to day!

Everyone loves learning about little utilities and other random addons that you might not think about everyday but that are useful and can make the WoW experience run a little bit smoother. Some weeks on AddOn Spotlight will be informational weeks, where I get to showcase some smaller addons that might not change the way you raid or experience the game in a huge way, but help make the little things seem even more insignificant. Think of these as "lifestyle" addons. This week is one such lifestyle AddOn Spotlight.

This week on AddOn Spotlight, we delve deep into the dark reaches of each and every one of our souls, past the hard candy shell and into the squishy, lootwhorey center. Today we showcase some addons that make looting more fun, profitable and easier for everyone.


teksLoot is an excellent addon by Tekkub that slims down the default loot roll window into a more manageable, color coded list. Each item to be rolled on has a counter that displays the number of people who have already selected an option (Disenchant, Greed, Need or Pass), while mousing over an option shows the players choosing that option. I like teksLoot because, as many people have already figured out, I praise addons that turn clunkier Blizzard UI items into more streamlined, smaller packages. The only issue I have with teksLoot is that there is no scaling option. Tekkub, please, I would love some scaling!

teksLoot - Download at [Curse] or [WoWInterface]


Tekkub strikes again with VendorBait. VendorBait is a simple and useful addon for the money-conscious quester in mind. VendorBait's purpose is simple -- upon completing a quest, the reward selection dialog has the item that vendors for the most gold highlighted for the player. Choosing this item will net the biggest gold gain. When I was working towards Loremaster this addon proved invaluable. You're already going through a painstakingly annoying process getting the achievement, why not make the most gold you can in the process? VendorBait only saves me a few seconds, really, but all that time adds up. So, thank you VendorBait, for making my WoW experience run a little bit smoother.

VendorBait - Download at [Curse] or [WoWInterface]


Well what do you know. Another simple plug and play addon from Tekkub. It's a Tekkub addon love fest! But what can I say? He makes clean, simple addons that do what they set out to do simply. tekJunkSeller is one of those invaluable addons that takes one of the routine tasks that you perform in WoW over and over and simplifies them by, you guessed it, doing it automatically. This addon automatically sells all of your gray quality items when you initiate conversation with a vendor. I personally hate going through my bags to pick out the trash, and tekJunkSeller has saved me many an annoying moment. Be careful -- if there are gray items that you do not want to sell, do not use this addon. There is no filter available for it! Leave those precious grays in the bank if you do not want them gone.

tekJunkSeller - Download at [WoWInterface]

So there is my little love letter to Tekkub. Thank you for these little addons that make life run a little bit smoother when it comes to menial tasks in WoW.

I wanted to take the time to answer some reader e-mail as well, since I have the space! Send in your addon or user interface questions to and I will try to answer them personally or publicly, if the question seems to have broad appeal. Also, a new graphic for ADDON MAILBAG!

Dear AddOn Guy:

Hiya. I have a quick question that I cannot really find an answer for online. I installed a bunch of addons and for some reason my vehicle picture (when I'm driving a vehicle in Wintergrasp for example) and my little repair man (the guy that tells you if your armor is damaged or red) have disappeared. Is there anything I can do to get these two user interface things back?


Hi Joe. I do enjoy the "AddOn Guy" moniker. I feel like I should be wearing overalls and a tool belt with Addon Profiler and a hammer hanging off of it. What happens when the addons break? Call the addon guy. Anyway. This problem is probably being caused by SexyMap. If you have SexyMap installed, go into the addon's options and select the "Show Movers" option. You should see the areas of the screen allocated for those particular user interface modules (repair man and vehicle UI) and be able to move them to any spot you like. This happened to me when I moved my minimap to the bottom right hand corner and accidentally dragged both of those exact UI pieces with it. Hope that helps!

Say, Mat, I was curious: if I were to transfer servers, how would I be assured that my addon settings would remain intact, particularly if I changed names?

-Anonymous Boomkin

Awesome question, Boomkin. Making sure your addon settings stay the same from character to character, and from server transfer to server transfer, is very important after you've spent all that time and energy crafting your beautiful user interface. To make sure it stays, the first thing you should do is backup your WTF folder in the /World of Warcraft directory. Within the WTF folder is a list of your accounts. Select your account name's folder. Inside that folder is a list of servers, with those folders containing individual character folders. You will want to make a copy of the folder of the character whose user interface settings you would like to keep, naming it something like MyCharacter_Copy, just to have as a safety net. Then, copy this folder into the server folder where you are transferring and rename that folder the name of your character. Voila! All of the user interface settings of your pre-transferred character should remain on the new character.

If you have a question about addons or user interfaces in general, please e-mail them to Next week, Automaton.

Addons are what we do on AddOn Spotlight. I love this job, because I get to tell you about addons like Elitist Group. And remember, Addon Spotlight is fueled by viewers like you, so if you have a mod you think we should take a look at, e-mail ADDON GUY at mat (at) wow dot com.

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