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Capcom offers 50% off five PSN games; this week: Marvel vs. Capcom 2

While it's true that the high-rolling blogging lifestyle has left us out-of-touch with the needs of the unwashed masses, even the fat cats at Joystiq understand that everyone loves a deal (if only to free up some much needed capital for, let's say, a chronically underfunded game publishing division).

To help lighten the burden on your wallets, Capcom is offering the following: 50% off a single PSN game every week for five weeks, beginning with Marvel vs. Capcom 2. In total you could scoop up all five games for just under $30 and, since this is a 50% off sale, that also means you'll have saved just under $30. That's math. We've pasted the full list below for you to mull over:

February 18, 2010 – Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for $7.49
February 25, 2010 – Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for $7.49
March 4, 2010 – Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for $4.99
March 11, 2010 – Age of Booty for $4.99
March 18, 2010 – 1942: Joint Strike for $4.99

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