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City of Heroes opens beta testing for Dual Pistols

Eliot Lefebvre

You have two hands, so why not use two guns? That seems to be the operant philosophy behind dual-wielding handguns, often going to absurd lengths with ridiculously high-caliber guns. (Go ahead and try using two Desert Eagles at once.) But whether you want to be Roland or Maelstrom, you can start experiencing the joy of going to town with paired handguns.

Testing for the Dual Pistols powerset in City of Heroes has now begun on the test servers, which will likely spend the rest of the testing period covered in shell casings. One of the highlights of the upcoming expansion, Going Rogue, it was recently announced that Dual Pistols would unlock early for players who pre-ordered, which means this test is a straight ramp-up to the coming release. There's also a forum devoted solely to feedback for the new powerset, as excellent an execution as ever there was.

Naturally, this news is going to be quite exciting to some, as it both means a preview and test of what's to come, not to mention it means Going Rogue seems better poised to hit its target date. So what are you waiting for? Get your City of Heroes test client set up and start shooting!

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