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Darksiders' free Red Faction promo open to anyone who bought it new, no code required


Got yourself a copy of Darksiders but, for whatever reason (admit it, you lost it), don't have the slip of paper it came with containing the "mystery code" redeemable for a free copy of Red Faction Guerrilla and digital art book? Seems you're not out of luck -- unless you bought it second-hand (or "pre-played," if you will).

Vigil has announced via its official Darksiders blog that those without codes, but who purchased the game new can still get the free RFG and disc full o' artwork. It's a little more work than simply clicking a link and typing in a code, but, hey, free is free. Those who want in on the promotion must fill out a form, provide "your original purchase receipt of a NEW copy of Darksiders," the barcode from the cover insert and, like everything else, pay shipping and "handling" (we never quite got what that is, exactly).

You have until March 7 to get in on the promotion, whatever your situation may be.

[Thanks, NBA Kirkland]

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