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Mythos releases first developer diary: Getting Started In Uld

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Remember Mythos? The game has been largely under the radar, but still progressing. Since being picked up by Redbana, Mythos has seen a newly-revamped website with a lot of new information and has begun taking signups for closed beta. Even more recently, the folks at Redbana spent some time with us, discussing Mythos' development.

New information continues to emerge regularly, and now we have a brand new developer diary added to the mix. Dev Diary 001, hosted at Warcry, is entitled Getting Started in Uld, and is pretty much what you'd expect: a guide to your first visit in the land of Uld.

Dev Diary 001 will give you an overview of your first mission in the game as well as some tips on traveling, crafting, and personal achievements in-game. It's a great peek inside the game, and offers a feel for how the basics will work. Take a look at the diary here, and we'll keep our eyes peeled for more!

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