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Noby Noby Boy available now for 'iPhone, iPhone, iPod Touch!'

We want to be up front with you: We're not entirely sure Noby Noby Boy is a "game" in the usual way we understand it. No, we're not talking about last year's PS3 release (though one could argue ...); instead, we're talking about today's iPhone release.

Let's examine the evidence: The trailer, included after the break, eschews traditional marketing tactics in favor of puppets and nonsensical dialogue. The screenshots depict a series of seemingly unrelated "functions" (minigames?) including a camera app, a map app, a stretchable Boy app, and others. And our final piece of evidence, Noby Noby Boy is filed under "Productivity" in the App Store and, regardless of its status as a "game" we're almost certain it's not going to make us more productive at anything, short of unlocking its mysteries.

While we think calling it a "game" may be a bit of a stretch, as a toy, it's now got a better price on a more appropriate platform.

Noby Noby Boy ($1.99): Orbital

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