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Sam's having a terrible day in this new Splinter Cell: Conviction trailer

Sam Fisher's been tossed into some fairly unenviable scenarios in previous games, but if this new trailer is any indication, Splinter Cell: Conviction might just place the former spy into his most precarious mission to date. Between knife fighting dudes in bathrooms, holding off home invaders and generally being rude to receptionists, Fisher's going to great lengths to prove his bad-assitude. (Little does Sam know, he already proved it during the original Splinter Cell's opening credits.)

Additionally, the trailer provides a bit more of the backstory leading up to Conviction, as well as some of the events we can anticipate in the game. Apparently, Sam's going to be storming the White House after an EMP blast devastates Washington. We wonder if he'll pass the Modern Warfare 2 guys while he's in there?

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