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The Daily Grind: Still interested in console MMOs?

Kyle Horner

The headline says it all. After all this time and so many promised (and never-delivered) console versions of games like Age of Conan and Champions Online, are you still interested in playing console MMOs?

With Square Enix's track record, we can feel safe in assuming Final Fantasy XIV is coming to the PlayStation 3 -- and probably the Xbox 360, eventually -- but beyond that nobody else has managed to pull it off. Some developers have claimed all the red tape from Sony and Microsoft makes patching far too problematic, which makes sense except that Free Realms is a Sony Online Entertainment product that still hasn't seen its promised console version, either. So maybe there's more to the problem than patching hurdles.

So, we wouldn't blame any of you for feeling a huge sense of disinterest when you hear a developer speak about a console version of their upcoming PC MMO. But is that how any of you actually feel?

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