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Active Media Products serves up Aviator-2 external USB 3.0 SSD

Darren Murph

You know what's better than a new solid state drive? An Olympic gold medal. You know what else? A USB 3.0 SSD, of course! Active Media Products has just dished out details on its latest device, the Aviator-2 external USB 3.0 solid state drive. Available in case-only, 64GB and 128GB flavors, this one promises transfer rates as high as 4.8Gbits/sec (that's ten times the rate of USB 2.0, just so you're well aware), and considering the 3- x 5-inch size, you should have no issues slipping this into the chest pocket of your Members Only jacket. We're in no place to comment on the difficultly of slipping $34.95, $259.95 or $449.95 (in order of mention) out of your wallet, though, which is essentially required in order to take one home. That's the breaks, kid!

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