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Breakfast Topic: When it drops it's like magic

Matthew Rossi

There are drops that just seem to elude you. One of those for me was The Sun Eater. It wouldn't drop and wouldn't drop and wouldn't drop and then, finally, on a run I didn't even want to go on there it was. And then the rogue took it and I had to run it another 20 or so times before I actually got it. Not that I'm still bitter about that. Well, okay, I totally am. As in, if I ever get control of an orbital weapons platform and find out where that guy lives, well, there would be stuff raining from the sky.

Last night however I had the opposite experience. Last night, Lana'thel dropped my new precious. Amazingly, no rogues took it, and so I'm wandering around wearing the door from Satan's own El Camino as a shield. It's pretty much been the drop I've wanted the most from ICC ever since it opened up and I'm ridiculously, deliriously happy with it. (SInce I never saw the Elementium Reinforced Bulwark or Bulwark of Azzinoth drop, it's also the best looking shield I've ever had.) So in my state of giddy glee I move to ask you, have you had that surge of relief when something finally dropped lately? What was it?

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