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CBS promises to sell some TV shows on iTunes for 99 cents


We'd already heard that Apple hoped to bring at least some TV shows down to the 99-cent mark on iTunes in time for the iPad launch, and it looks like CBS is now the first to officially come on board. While a final deal apparently isn't done just yet, CBS CEO Leslie Moonves has flatly told the Financial Times that there "are certain shows that will be sold on Apple for 99 cents" -- not exactly much wiggle room there. Other networks aren't speaking on the record just yet, but the Financial Times has previously reported that some have already agreed to similar terms, and are expected to start selling shows at the lower price -- possibly coinciding with the iPad launch.

Update: Peter Kafka at All Things Digital has some more info on this -- sources tell him Moonves was speaking off the cuff, and while CBS is open to a deal with Apple, there's nothing in place quite yet. Unfortunately, no one's going on the record here, so the situation remains hazy -- we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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