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FCC seeks faster internet for America, more spectrum for wireless data

Darren Murph

Leave it to Google to make even the FCC's ambitions look meager. But hey, for the vast majority of Americans who will never have access to an ISP with 1Gbps, we've got nothing but kudos to send to Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski. As the story goes, the FCC has unveiled a plan this week that would "require" internet service providers to offer "minimum home connection speeds by 2020," with a delectable 100Mbps figure being throw around. Currently, US internet speeds average just under 4Mbps, and the nation as a whole ranks 19th in the world. Naturally, companies that provide internet are balking at the idea, suggesting that consumers would revolt if they were forced to pick up the tab for all the network improvement efforts that would have to take place. Of course, Cisco Systems now appears to be the FCC's best bud, but we're guessing we don't have to explain the logic behind that one. In related news, the same entity is purportedly mulling a plan to "pay broadcasters to vacate airwaves it could use to alleviate network strain caused by the surging use of smartphones," which ought to make just about everyone happy. Well, most everyone.

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