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Free Realms introduces T-Rex and flying dragon mounts

Traveling in Free Realms just got a whole lot cooler. Today, the team at Sony Online Entertainment dropped a shiny surprise into the cash shop -- mounts! Currently only available for paying members, these new T-Rex and Dragon mounts come in several different colors for players to pick from.

When you consider that SOE treated players to some free Station Cash as part of the recent ConnecDING promotions in EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Free Realms, members may even have part (or all) of their mounts paid for already. (Assuming you haven't spent it, anyway!) In any event, we suspect Free Realms will be full of many dinosaurs and dragons soon -- and perhaps some new members itching to pick up their very own mounts.

For a complete list of features on these new mounts, keep reading beyond the cut.

Ride vendors can be found in Sanctuary, Seaside, Merry Vale, and Lakeshore. At each vendor there is a stable hand and a trainer to answer questions and help with purchases. Features include:

  • Choose T-Rex or Dragon Rides in six different colors
  • Rides provide faster travel speeds of up to 150%
  • One click of the saddle to get on and off the Ride
  • Run, jump, swim, and bounce off launch pads and more!
  • Ability to own more than one Ride

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