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HP kicks out new touchscreen cameras and camcorders

Nilay Patel

HP just dropped five new cameras and three new camcorders at PMA, including a few with touchscreen controls and revamped UIs. The $109 CW450t (pictured above) and $149 CW460t cameras have 2.7- and 3-inch touchscreen, respectively, and 4x optical zoom, while the $169 V5061u and $199 V5560u camcorders have 3-inch touchscreens shoot full 1080p -- the V5560u adds in a 5x optical zoom. That's not all for HP's low-end imaging assault: there's also the $99 CW450 and $129 SW450 cams with 4x zooms, the $149 PW550z with a 5x zoom, and the $109 V1020h camcorder that shoots 720p. Yes, it's a confusing mish-mash of letters, numbers, and bargain-basement prices -- isn't the low-end point-and-shoot market just delightful?

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