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It's a dim Friday for Guitar Hero Black Sabbath DLC


Were you looking forward to playing some Black Sabbath songs in Guitar Hero 5 this weekend? Of course you were -- that sounds awesome. Anyway, it's not going to happen. (And, it's certainly not happening for you either, Band Heroes -- whoever you are.)

Before the scheduled Thursday release of three tracks from Black Sabbath's Master of Reality album, Activision announced on its Guitar Hero Facebook page that the DLC wouldn't make its appointed release date, and added, "We hope to have the content available for download at a later date, so stay tuned!"

We were going to say, maybe the DLC was turned into steel in a great magnetic field, but, unfortunately, Iron Man isn't one of the songs in the pack. (Although, it would appear we just said it anyway.) We're checking in with Activision to find out what happened.

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