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Rooster Teeth Grifball series headed to Halo Waypoint


Microsoft has sent out the latest Halo Waypoint update, detailing the content that we can expect to see in the near future. The update goes over the recent Halo: Reach info that has hit the interwebs, namely the ViDoc and the box art. It notes that this and future Reach info will be posted on the Transmissions section of the official Halo site on There's also a Valentine's Day screenshot gallery on Waypoint, with help from one Hawty McBloggy.

The real meat of the update, however, is that a new short series from Rooster Teeth -- the crew behind Red vs Blue -- will begin airing on Waypoint starting this weekend. The three part series, entitled "Grifball: Expansion," will air every Saturday starting February 20 and concluding on March 6. The series "tells the story of Team Slipspace and their confrontation with the newest addition to the International Grifball League of Earth." Check out a trailer for the series above.

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