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WoW Moviewatch: Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?


Of all the music that I ever expected to see in World of Warcraft machinima, Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? was nowhere near the top. Even with many covers of the well-known song, it remains to me that sort of jokingly bad music we lamely danced to in college while pounding shots. I was just happy to leave it as a remnant of decades past.

However, if the song's going to show up in Azeroth, it makes sense that it would absolutely be sung by belfs. Severance recognized that fact and created the WoW music video Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? It's a colorful, hypnotizing music video, with the music performed by a series of blood elves.

The video is fairly amusing, though it blends a lot of general animation with actual WoW models. It does strike me as well-suited to belf videos, though. It's got a lot of flamboyance and energy, and the blood elf haircuts do remind me a lot of Rod Stewart. Nice job, Severance!

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