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Altis Gates brings in the Pet Corps

Altis Gates, the upcoming free-to-play title being published by IGG, is setting out to offer up some interesting mechanics for the f2p fans in the house. The game has 2 main classes with 12 subclasses, and offers players the chance to shape-shift into various different forms. To add to that, IGG is bringing in a new patch that will introduce a new type of game play called the Pet Corps to the game.

Under the normal Altis Gates system, each player fights with one pet at his or her side. With the introduction of the Pet Corps pet training & battling system, the player will actually send a specially-picked formation of 5 pets into the battle to fight. Each formation calls on different elements to increase stats, while causing penalties -- thereby introducing quite a bit of strategy to each match. While players will not receive experience for these matches, the word is that pets will receive "incredible amounts" -- even if they lose. It makes this a great way for players to train up a number of pets in a shorter period of time, giving them a greater array of powerful pets to pick for regular battles.

If you're curious about Altis Gates, we've embedded a video behind the break to show off some of the basic game play for you. IGG also let us know that the open beta for Altis Gates is coming on March 7th, so keep an eye on the official site if this looks like a game you'd enjoy!

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