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Learn the history of Street Fighter in upcoming book


Street Fighter is one of the most popular (and populous) game series of all time. If you'd like to know more about the long history of the series -- which is surprisingly complex for a game about two guys punching each other in the face until one falls over -- Chronicle Books and author Chris Carle have just the thing for you.

Street Fighter: The Complete History, out March 17, features the history of the fighting series told through interviews with the developers responsible for it, as well as an exploration of the insane fan culture that has popped up around the series. However, if looking at all those words sounds too tiresome, it also comes loaded with "more than 200 pieces of artwork." And unlike playing the game, you'll be able to enjoy this for as long as you want, without some dude ending your reading session in ten seconds with an unblockable combo.

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