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Aion's Eye on Community: Valentine's Day aftermath

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Aion's latest Eye on Community is posted, and it appears that not everyone has had a happy Valentine's Day. This week's edition is light on game updates and heavy on fluff, with a list of community happenings and an in-game event surrounding a Shugo's lost love.

The Shugo Jefnyerk must have come up with a pretty poor Valentine's gift for his Dianyerk, because the lady in question has wandered off. Multiple times. Eye on Community points out that in a 24 hour period she's been lost 87 times. The possibility that she may not want to be found doesn't occur to Jefnyerk, and he's asking for players to help find her. The quest runs periodically through Monday and can serve as a brief diversion from adventuring.

Community events for the week were plentiful, including an upcoming PvP tournament, an Aion IRC community, and a few other goodies. Check out the official site for the full list.

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