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Samsung TL500 and TL350 hands-on

Ross Miller

Samsung's TL500. We caught the bright, bulky beast bristling at PMA in front of a miniature 3D model of the Taj Mahal enclosed within a shadowy cube. The articulating display was indeed quite luminous, and as you can see from the sample shot, the flash-imbued capture is quite nice -- same can't be said sans flash in this instance, though. As for the TL350, we're always a fan of the analog dials for battery and storage, and the 1,000 frames per second video recording was quite the treat. That said, at 138 x 78 resolution, it's not practical, but the in-between burst shoots do lend themselves to some fun party tricks. Hardware shots just below, TL500 sample shot after the break.

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Composite sample shot from TL500 -- left side with flash, right side without. Taken in Auto mode, no adjustments to levels or color balance made.

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