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Borderlands DLC 'Secret Armory of General Knoxx' goes public tomorrow on Xbox 360


Ready to cross the border into new lands in your ... Borderlands? The doors will creak open to Borderlands' "Secret Armory of General Knoxx" add-on tomorrow. TeamXbox reports that the downloadable expansion, which adds new areas with new missions, the requisite piles of weapons, and even an increased level cap, will be released on Xbox 360 tomorrow, February 23, for 800 ($10), with PS3 and PC releases to follow on Thursday for the same price.

One more thing: When you go online to explore the new content, we recommend that you let Gearbox's own hiring policy govern your interactions with your fellow mercenaries.

Update: According to a 2K press release, the level cap is increased to 61 in this expansion. "Secret Armory" also adds "almost 30 new villain types," improved AI, new vehicles and a new weapon class.

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