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CompactFlash 5.0 specification promises faster speeds, crazy 'theoretical' storage


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If there's one thing that sounds more impressive than actual capabilities, it's theoretical capabilities -- and it looks like the CompactFlash Association has come through on both counts with its new CF5.0 specifications. While any actual cards or cameras supporting the spec are still a ways off, the new standard does pave the way for 48-bit addressing (up from 28-bit), along with an increased data transfer unit size of 32MB/s (up from 128KB/s) and, best of all, a theoretical maximum capacity of 144 petabytes (up from a mere 137GB with the current spec). Other advancements include a so-called "Video Performance Guarantee" aimed at professional video cameras, and a new Interface Electrical Specification that complies better with the ATA standard, and promises to allow for "easier and better" card design.

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