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Japanese gamers split on subtitles vs. dubs for Western games


Hong Kong action aficionados and anime fans have long debated over subtitles and dubs. While some prefer the ease (and comedy) of listening to English dubs, purists believe original language tracks should be preserved. The debate rages on with video games, as evidenced by the complaints of many Final Fantasy XIII fans, upset by the lack of the game's original Japanese track.

The debate seems to garner the same kind of division across the Pacific, where Japanese gamers are equally conflicted about the use of subs and dubs. In fact, according to a poll conducted by games publisher Spike, the opinion amongst gamers is essentially split. The poll quizzed over six thousand individuals over the course of two years, and 49% of respondents said they prefer subtitles while 47% said they prefer dubs.

With such a divided opinion regarding the subject, it seems like the best bet for publishers would be to find a way to squeeze multiple audio and subtitle options into their games. That way, gamers on both sides of the fence can be appeased -- and our sick dream of playing Gears of War 3 in Finnish with Chinese subtitles can finally come true.

[Via Andriasang]

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