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Latest Ask Cryptic explores Star Trek Online skills

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Cryptic continues making new efforts to reach out to fans, but Ask Cryptic is a feature that does this and has been around for quite a while. This week brings the 20th installment, addressing player concerns and questions regarding skills in Star Trek Online.

Since Star Trek Online is still a new game, many of the intricacies of skills, skill point caps, weapons, and so on are still new. Players have lots of questions regarding how things work or what the point of certain items or restrictions are. Ask Cryptic answered questions from five different players this week, and explained how many different factors affect the way these mechanics work -- with most factors coming directly from the player.

Playstyle, game goals, even what kind of weapon skin or style you like -- all of these factors serve to give a different definition of "useful" to every player. Check out the latest Ask Cryptic here for some hints on getting more out of the skill setup.

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