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Making it as an MMO blogger: The bloggers speak up

Shawn Schuster

You may remember a few weeks ago when we interviewed a handful of community managers on the topic of developer/blogger relations. This topic was first initiated by Ravious at Kill Ten Rats, and the response was overall very positive. Several of the Massively readers commented and emailed us saying that they'd like to see the flip side of these interviews, to get the blogger's perspective.

So we did just that! In this four-page article, we asked seven popular MMO bloggers for their opinions on topics concerning the industry, developer relations and more. As with the community interviews, we tried for a variety of bloggers, covering a wide range of MMO topics, from specific games to a more generalized structure. Because we didn't want this to get as large as the last ones, we opted to ask fewer questions to fewer people. Keep reading below for a brief introduction to each blogger.

First, let's get to know the seven MMO bloggers we interviewed:

Beau Turkey - Spouse Aggro
Beau has been blogging and podcasting for nearly 4 years, and has been playing MMOs for 11. You name the game, he has played it. In addition to doing the Spouse Aggro blog and podcast with his wife Leala, he also writes for, a website for disabled gamers.

Petter Mårtensson - Don't Fear the Mutant
Petter is a games journalist from Sweden, working for the Scandinavian magazine Gamereactor and its international site, while blogging about MMOs at his personal blog Don't Fear the Mutant.

Justin "Syp" Olivetti - BioBreak
Syp started his adventures in blogging with the Warhammer Online blog, WAAAGH! where he podcasted with ex-Massively blogger Brooke "Snafzg" Pilley. He now blogs at BioBreak, which acts as more of a personal blog -- heavy on the gaming opinions.

Zach "Ravious" Best - Kill Ten Rats
Zach writes at the blogomerate Kill Ten Rats under the moniker of Ravious. He has written about MMOs, lesser games, and food analogies at Kill Ten Rats for over a year with Ethic, Zubon, and friends.

Syncaine - Hardcore Casual
Syncaine is a no-nonsense blogger who will tell you exactly what he thinks when he thinks it. Blogging at Hardcore Casual since 2007, Syncaine tends to blog about MMO gaming in general, with an occasional focus on Darkfall Online.

Doug "Keen" Lundberg - Keen and Graev's Gaming Blog
Keen has been blogging as the co-author of Keen and Graev's Gaming Blog for three years. Keen adds, "As a respected voice in the gaming community, Keen endeavors to always bring his true opinion to table."

David "CrazyKinux" Perry - CrazyKinux's Musings
CrazyKinux's EVE Online blog has become one of the most popular hubs for EVE players. Through regular contests and events, CK shows how powerful and involved the EVE community really is.

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