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This Wednesday: Fret Nice, Greed Corp, and Lazy Raiders strike a chord on XBLA


PS3 owners have had access to Pieces Interactive's Fret Nice since February 4, leaving Xbox 360 owners nothing to do with their guitar controllers but play rhythm games. According to an announcement from Major Nelson, those Xbox 360 guitarists will be able to experience Fret Nice's new type of guitar heroism this Wednesday, Feb. 24, at a cost of 1,200 ($15).

Fret Nice uses both the buttons and the tilt function of guitar controllers to move members of the Vibrant Chordblasters, as they fight against Hair Bängers by jumping into the air and playing riffs corresponding to the number of eyes on the enemies.

Major Nelson also confirmed to Joystiq that both Greed Corp and Lazy Raiders will be out this week, despite not appearing in the official announcement. You'll be able to get lazy and greedy this week, in addition to nice!

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