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Gift cards at Best Buy with purchase of Xbox 360


A quick note to anyone looking to purchase an Xbox 360, Best Buy currently has a good deal on both the Elite and Arcade models. The retailer is currently offering a $30 gift card for the purchase of an Xbox 360 Arcade unit, while an Elite purchase will net you a $50 gift card. That effectively drops the prices of the Elite and Arcade to $250 and $170, respectively -- assuming you were planning to spend more money at Best Buy, anyway. To take part in the promotion, simply head to Best Buy's promotional pages for either the Arcade or Elite console, toss the selected hardware and the $50 gift card into your cart and place your order.

Not a bad deal, especially if you want some actual games to play on that fancy new Xbox 360. Oh, and if you have an HDTV, don't forget that the "flexibility" of either console will require the purchase of HD cables.

Source -- Best Buy Xbox 360 Arcade offer
Source -- Best Buy Xbox 360 Elite offer

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