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Rumor: Final Fantasy XI's March update may be the last for the game

Eliot Lefebvre

It looks like we're getting another version update to Final Fantasy XI in March. The update's existence was broken by the official site today, promising more information when VanaFest rolls around in only five days. All we know at the moment is that it will feature expanded missions and improvements across the board, which is more or less standard fare for the game's large updates.

Of course, that means the update certainly isn't the big news that's promised at the upcoming fan festival. But there's a rumor flying around that we might want to enjoy this update a lot. Square-Enix, it's hinted, won't have the game slowly bleed out as Final Fantasy XIV comes into its own -- they're going to outright shut the game down. An employee posted and then retracted a statement implying that the venerable game would shut its doors to make way for Final Fantasy XIV.

Confirmed? Not by a long shot. Square has stated they've got more in store for the game, and more than a few players are hoping that a new expansion is the big secret to be revealed at the fan festival. Still, we'll find out soon enough what the future holds for Final Fantasy XI... and perhaps we'd best treasure our time with it now, just in case.

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