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[Updated] WAR 1.3.4 patch coming soon, brings Scenario and City Siege enhancements plus more

Kyle Horner

Warhammer Online's 1.3.4 patch has gone live as of today is coming soon. The update includes a torrent of changes with a primary focus on streamlining Scenarios -- the game's beloved-yet-flawed open-ended PvE encounters easy-to-access PvP instances -- and City Sieges. These changes are aimed at pleasing the game's community, who've been giving plenty of feedback to Mythic.

The original problem with Scenarios were a matter of player population. If you didn't have enough people to complete a 5 or 10-person start a Scenario, well, you were waiting in queue forever. Hopefully, the issue of achieving "critical mass" should all be in the past with the 1.3.4 patch. While new weapon rewards are being added to Scenarios, not everything is making the cut. Less popular Scenarios have been removed, although Mythic is promising that some will return in special weekend events.

For an in-depth explanation of the Scenario changes, look no further than this awesome developer post. You can also find a shortlist of the various updates and improvements after the break. Or, if you prefer, you can find the full breakdown of patch 1.3.4 on Warhammer Online's official patch notes section.

Update: Due to the 1.3.4 patch not going live as scheduled, we've updated the post to reflect as much. Additionally, we've corrected factual errors as well. Our apologies to anyone confused by the original post.

Other major features from today's 1.3.4 patch:

  • VFX+SFX Pre-Game Improvements
  • New Scenario Currency
  • Scenario List Optimization
  • Quest Focus - Tier 2 RvR Content
  • Campaign Restarts during stage 2 city siege
  • Career Balance Changes
  • Among other fixes and improvements.
  • Scurvy Dogs Live Event
  • New 6v6 Live Event Scenario: The Ironclad
Scenario Currency

Scenario Currency is here! You will now earn Recruit, Scout, Soldier, and Officer Emblems for completing any Scenario match. All players who participated in the scenario, on both the winning and losing sides, will receive Emblems based on their realm's final score. Emblems convert upwards at a rate of 5:1 and can be broken down from Officer to Recruit. These Emblems may be redeemed within Altdorf's War Quarters or Inevitable City's Apex for fantastic new items! Additionally, Rank 40 players will also collect Insignias which are needed for the most powerful of these new items, and may be obtained though Scenario completions, Keep captures or Keep defenses, and successfully completing stages one and two of a contested city PQ.

New Scenario Structure

The Scenario system has been restructured! Player will now participate in an expanding pool of scenarios across all tiers. We have removed several of the less used Scenarios from the game and have structured the new system with only the best of the best! If you don't see your favorite Scenario on the list, not to worry as Scenarios disabled will make a return as future Weekend Events with their own exciting rewards. Please see the full details of these changes in the RvR section of the notes.

Tier 4 Campaign Changes

Players will now be faced with a difficult decision when a city enters Captured state. Beginning with 1.3.4 the Tier 4 RvR campaign will now reset when a Contested City enters the Captured state. Players must now make a decision: Stay in the city and potentially capture the opposing realm's King, or take the battle back to the open field to prevent an all out assault on your own city?

Greenskin vs. Dwarf Tier 2 Quest Progression

Quest flow and progression within Tier 2 of the Dwarf and Greenskin lands has been improved.

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