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10 billionth iTunes download going down today


Obama Pacman has done the math, and they claim that the 10 billionth song download on iTunes (which Apple is paying out a $10k gift card for) is going to happen today, February 24th. So if you've been waiting to buy some music, today's the day to do it -- go pick up some songs in the early to late evening, and you might end up being the lucky winner.

Plus, contest aside, this means Apple will have sold 10 billion songs on their store. That's an incredible number, and it's a number that has changed this industry for sure. Fortune's Brainstorm Tech blog has a nice short look at just what that means for the store itself, including the fact that the store is now making over $520 million a quarter (even though Apple says that it's only slightly profitable for them, as they're more interested in hardware than content) and that the Black Eyed Peas have two of the top 20 best-selling songs of all time, the first and the third.

Pretty incredible achievement for Apple, and with the iPad on the way, I'll bet the iTunes store will only get busier. We'll keep an eye open for the official announcement this evening. Good luck if you're trying for the prize!

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