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Apple creating "explicit" category for App Store


After all of the kerfuffle earlier this week about Apple shutting down racy apps in the App Store, it appears that the company might be creating a special place for all of that suggestive and sexy content.

We received a tip and a screenshot (seen above) from a developer who pointed out the new "Explicit" category in the tool used to submit apps into the store.

While TUAW has not yet been able to confirm this, The new category could be the first sign that Apple may provide enhanced parental controls or even a separate "adult" App Store. This would not only maintain the revenue stream from these apps for both Apple and the developers, but would stifle comments that Apple is being too strict with providers of adult content.

We will update this story as it develops.

Update: The new category is corroborated by Cult of Mac and MacRumors as well.

Update #2: Cult of Mac reports the category appears to have gone missing, although we've heard that when it was available earlier choosing the category wouldn't stick -- so perhaps we're seeing some iPhone OS 4 action here?

Update #3: We have independently confirmed that the Explicit category isn't showing up in iTunes Connect any more, as has The Register.

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