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Choose my Adventure: Technically Speaking

Shawn Schuster

Thanks to your votes last week, our Choose my Adventure Fallen Earth character has chosen his faction: Tech. I was sweating it a bit since I already have a CHOTA and Lightbearer character, but I would have gone however the vote chose.

While not all of the clan has decided to go Tech (or decided at all), we opted to do our group nights in Sunshine Corners and leave the faction quests as an individual thing. But now that our last week is almost upon us, it's time to decide how to end this edition of Choose my Adventure the right way. Follow along for the in-character journal, more on what we did this week and the final poll.


Throughout my journey in these wastes, I've encountered many peculiar people. Even as far south as Mumford, people know about the six main factions and what they all stand for. At first, I wasn't too impressed with any of them, but there were some that annoyed me more than others. Why are the CHOTA always so angry? Why are Enforcers so worried about keeping everything in strict order? And why do those Vistas smell so darn bad?

The one group that always stuck out as something I could half-way tolerate in all of this was the Techs. These are some guys who simply want to preserve the technology of the old world, while advancing it to adapt with our new world. I don't see any reason to be fanatical about anything, and these guys simply want some cool stuff again. I can get behind that.

As a clone, I've learned that the technology behind my existence is inherently evil. It's not so much the fact that this cloning technology exists, it's that it fell into the wrong hands. There are severe moral implications to cloning humans for organ and limb farming, but that doesn't make cloning humans bad in general. I am happy to be here, and happy that I can die without fear of... actually dying.

So the way I see it, I want to get into the technological side of things in this bleak ashtray of a world and help advance this technology. I want to be a part of the progression of this world -- not back as it used to be, but better.

Heading into the Northfields, we learned that Picus Ridge was the place we wanted to be. We passed a few interesting faction towns on the way up. There was Haven, where those nutjob Lightbearers live in their utopian cult, and Post 23, where the Enforcers play G.I. Joe with each other all day. Hey guys, I can still see you. The camo isn't working!

Once we reached Picus Ridge, we discovered an interesting little information booth right at the front gate. That's right, a man standing in a booth right at the entrance was there to answer any questions we might have about the Techs, complete with a giant sign that says "Information". I can imagine he gets shot at a lot by passersby. Just a hunch.

Apparently, the Techs are even a bit divisive themselves -- almost like factions within a faction, according to this fellow. Some of the people believe that they don't need to get their hands dirty, and scientific theory is where it's at, while others can't wait to cover themselves in crankcase oil and torque down some camshaft bolts. I tend to find myself in the mindset of the second group, but I'm hoping that doesn't alienate me too much to the lab coats among us.

To prove my worth, they had me doing some menial tasks around town. Most of it wasn't much of a shock -- recover and salvage scrap materials, kill a few of the encroaching psychos that threaten the town, etc. But it's all different now that I feel that I'm part of a group -- part of a larger cause of like-minded people.

I haven't mentioned anything about the alpha clone journey yet, mainly because I want to get in with these people a bit more. Once I gain their trust, and I truly do feel like they want to help me, I'll ask for that help.

At this point you might be wondering why I'm not content to just continue with my current group of clones who have stuck with me all this time. Well, the simple fact is that we all have different theories and plans to find the alpha clone. Despite the fact that we're all from the same DNA, we're don't share the same passions. So we decided to go our separate ways, to the factions that we thought most-accurately represented what we wanted out of life.

I'm really sad to see some of these ladies and gentlemen go, but I completely understand why they did it. Heck, it's not like I didn't make my own choice as well. For those clones who are going Tech with me, we'll still press on together. While today was sad, I consider it a graduation of sorts. A graduation from lost to found.

I'll miss you, my cloned brethren. If we ever meet on the battlefield, don't aim for the face.


I must say, that transition from Sector 1 to Sector 2 is so fulfilling. Sure it's a bit harsh, as the AI seems to suddenly realize how to duck down and use projectile weapons, but it really does feel like you've moved on from a giant tutorial into the "real" game.

Factions are a huge part of this. Although I think factions still need some tweaking when it comes to PvP (there can be same-faction killing, and clans can be mixed factions), it's a highly rewarding system that is easy to learn and tricky to master to your advantage.

As I mentioned, I'm very happy that you all chose Tech for me. I would have played whatever was thrown at me, but it's nice to have that variety across the three "corners" of the faction wheel with my characters: CHOTA, Lightbearer and Tech.

And although I've dramatically ended this in-character journal describing some huge break-up of the clan, the truth is, I look forward to playing more often with these guys down the road because we're certainly not splitting up.

With next week being the final week in Fallen Earth, I wanted to celebrate it in style, so that's what you'll be voting on this week. I'll still do the last Choose my Adventure post next Wednesday, but it will mainly be a report back on how the last week went, without the in-character part.

So let's vote on our grand finale here. We want to have a big party, with as many of you in attendance as possible. This will happen on Saturday, February 27th at 9pm EST. Plus, there will be XP booster shot giveaways to the first 50 people there! The only problem is, we don't know where to have it! Here are your choices of Sector 2 hot spots:

- Bar Hop. Beauville's Tavern, New Flagstaff (X:4515005 Y:5495501). Food, drinks, pool tables and more drinks in this relaxed bar atmosphere.
- Pool Party. Sunshine Corners (X: 4556236 Y: 4996254). A relaxing afternoon by the pool. Just don't actually go in the water.
- Liberate Newton! Town of Newton (X: 4680168 Y: 4665362) They're coming to get you Barbara! Why sit around chatting and drinking when you could be bashing in some Infected skull? This party location is not only often-missed by players on their way to the faction towns, but it has tons of resource nodes. Oh, and slimy, oozing party crashers.
- Blackjack Bananza. Underground Casino, New Flagstaff (X: 4473897 Y: 5513122) Be ready to gamble the night away with Blackjack, slot machines and all the drinks you can carry in one hand.
- Tea Party. Barret Manor Back Patio (X: 4352295 Y: 5317693) Put on your best top hat and practice those pinkie-raising maneuvers because Barret Manor is only for the high-class wasteland drifter.%Poll-42147%

Check back here on Saturday afternoon to see the final vote and where we'll have our finale party. Since these are all in Sector 2, it would be a good idea to at least park yourself within the vicinity in preparation for that final vote. See you all on Saturday night!

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