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Join us at 5 PM ET today for TUAW TV Live


Our regular Wednesday episode of TUAW TV Live happens at 5 PM ET (2 PM PT) today. Join TUAW blogger Steve Sande as we have an hour-long discussion of this week's Apple news.

Due to the issues we had last week, we'll be back to good ol' Ustream this time. Some of the potential topics of interest this week include:

  • Steve Jobs turns 55!
  • Steve's surprise for viewers
  • Notational Velocity + SimpleNote = Love
  • Having the last word on the future of Macworld Expo
  • Cleaning up the dirty App Store
  • Geek lunch
Of course, it wouldn't be TUAW TV Live if you weren't there providing input, so we'll have the chat open for your typing pleasure.

See you at 5 PM ET!

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