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PTPT touchscreen interface sounds little, could be huge (video)

Tim Stevens

We've been working with mice and keyboards for so long, clicking on the same 'ol icons and typing in the same 'ol boxes, that it's nice to see something fresh come along -- even if it looks a little cumbersome to use. Such is PTPT, pronounced "petite petite," a concept touchscreen interface from ExB, a company that focuses on text input prediction. The input starts with three icons representing people, things, and places, and then the top bar represents time. You can, for example, long-touch on the people icon, select an individual person, and then drag them up to a specific time to get e-mails from that person. Or, you can drag that person icon down to things to see pictures of them. Or, drag the pictures "thing" up to a time to see pictures from that time, or.... well, you get the picture. There's an expository video below that will help you tie it all together, one that we'd advise watching -- if only because this probably won't be showing up on a tablet anytime soon.

Update: JimboJones commented to let us know that those with a proclivity for touching and dragging can sign up to be a beta tester here.

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