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Solaroad's CubeTube adds solar panels to your cube, lowers the cost of you working there

Darren Murph

It's 2010, which means there's a significant chance that your cubicle work could be done from absolutely anywhere. For those still stuck under the burden of old-school management, here's an idea that might just nab you that raise you've been longing for: the CubeTube. Engineered by Solaroad Technologies, this indoor photovoltaic electrical generator straps onto the edges and tops of conventional cubicles and collects light from every angle. Internal batteries are charged up, and power is instantly available for the decade-old Latitude and CRT monitor that's still residing on your desk. It sounds like you'll need to ping the company directly for pricing quotes and the like, but if you managers are seriously considering this for your office, maybe they should first calculate the cost and carbon savings from letting their subordinates telecommute. Just sayin'.

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