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What exactly is 'FlingSmash'?


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Nintendo released news about a bunch of big Wii hits today: Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M, Monster Hunter Tri, FlingSmash, Cave Story ... wait, what? Okay, so FlingSmash doesn't have the name recognition of those other games, but if you've been watching Nintendo carefully over the last couple of trade shows, you've seen it.

FlingSmash is a new name for Span Smasher, a MotionPlus-exclusive game about throwing a character named Zip through side-scrolling stages, hitting obstacles and enemies pinball-style. It was shown at E3 alongside games like Line Attack Heroes, which was conspicuously absent from today's proceedings.

FlingSmash features play for up to two simultaneously (provided, of course, you have two MotionPlusses) and is currently scheduled for a release sometime in summer 2010.

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