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World of Tanks producer gives a look into the game

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Hot on the heels of the announcement about the upcoming World of Tanks MMO comes the first interview about the game. MMORPGItalia chatted with producer Victor Kislyi yesterday to get the scoop on how exactly this new game is going to work.

The site asked a broad range of questions, cutting straight to the chase right at the beginning: "...why should I play your game instead of another one?" It gave Kislyi a good chance to tell fans exactly why he thinks this game will fill a gap in the MMO market. The game is PvP only ("We do not intend to make a PvE mode...") and players have the opportunity to participate in large scale PvP battles.

The full interview is very informative, particularly considering we've not heard much about World of Tanks otherwise. It's worth a look, so head over to MMORPGItalia to see the whole thing.

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