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WoW Moviewatch: Culling of Stratholme Role Play


In case you haven't heard, in patch 3.3.3, you will be able to skip the role play section at the beginning of Culling of Stratholme. This NPC theatre has become somewhat of an epic, painful period for many WoW players. My wife and I can recite the entire dialogue from heart, often mocking Jaina for her particularly emo delivery.

Lilromimi, though, seems to have created an even more fitting monument to the Culling of Stratholme Role Play. A group of young actors created a live performance of the dialogue and action, bringing a little bit of extra culture to the Ironforge bank area. Whether the Grim Batol (EU) server really had full appreciation for their thespian skills or not, this video is definitely one that will go down for the ages.

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