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Adafruit is in the Square payment pilot, awesomeness will likely ensue

Chris Ziegler

Our good friends at Adafruit Industries are now taking mobile payments with the best of 'em thanks to a prerelease Square dongle they've managed to score, ostensibly as a part of the public trial announced earlier this month. They've posted a quick video showing the process of taking someone's cash via plastic, and it looks every bit as painless as Square makes it out to be -- just swipe, sign with your fingertip, and your Square-equipped payee is a few dollars richer. The particular dongle Adafruit's been provided looks rough to say the least -- these aren't the units you'll be getting off the shelf -- but that's part of the fun of being involved with a beta, isn't it? Head over to Adafruit to peep the video, and needless to say, we're curious to see how they plan to make use of this little bugger.

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