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Hands-on: FlingSmash


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After playing a few levels of Span Smasher FlingSmash, I had finally answered an important question -- "What the heck is it?" -- but was left with another unanswered. It's true: This is a game of tossing a ball (well, a ball-like character) against blocks in side-scrolling stages, using the power of Wii MotionPlus to ... more accurately toss the ball-thing. (It actually comes in pretty handy for hitting small targets, such as gems and coins.)

Playing it felt like tossing a ball against a brick wall, only sideways, which I assure you is as strange as it sounds. It was good enough fun; a very simple arcade game that is a nice change from the typical paddle-based block-breaker. I couldn't help but wonder, though, why it's destined to be a retail release and not a WiiWare title.

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