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Namco teases 'Pac-Man Battle Royale' arcade game


Namco Bandai has taken a very tentative first step toward providing a solution to the puzzle of what Pac-Man Battle Royale is. In a teaser video, the company revealed an arcade game with multiple Pac-Mans (Pac-Men?). A faint image behind the "Sneak Peek at Amusement Expo 2010" caption suggests a multiplayer game with up to four players sharing a big maze. A reinvented arcade game would be the perfect way to mark the 30th anniversary of the original.

We'll have to wait, then, until the expo (March 10-12) to see more; but, in the meantime, we can watch the teaser over and over again and dream of the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. Wii-ization of Pac-Man and dream of a mythical world where we'll get to play an arcade game. Join us in this reverie after the break.

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