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Super Street Fighter IV pre-order bonuses include costumes for your fighters, your phone, and yourself


Capcom is sweetening the deal for Super Street Fighter IV in both the US and Europe with some ridiculous pre-order bonuses. In the US, a timed exclusive download pack will be available from Amazon and Best Buy, featuring "Super Classic Costumes" for Dhalsim, Fei Long, Blanka, Gen, and Guile. Fei Long has a Kato (of The Green Hornet fame) costume! Blanka has a Dan costume! Insanity! Pre-ordering from GameStop will get you a set of ... thumb covers with Street Fighter characters on them. For thumb wrestling. The game will be out April 27 in North America.

In Europe, where Super Street Fighter IV will be released on April 30, the choice is even tougher. Capcom has yet to reveal which retailers offer which bonuses, but the choice of items is between the Super Classic Costumes pack, some iPhone covers bearing World Warriors' faces, or t-shirts that look like Street Fighter costumes. You can see all the choices in our gallery.

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