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Telava 3G Broadband Bullet kills mobile broadband contracts dead

Tim Stevens

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3G anywhere is great, but locking yourself into a two (plus) year contract to get access to it is decidedly less-so. Enter Telava, a prepaid wireless company that is launching its so-called Broadband Bullet. It's a simple USB modem that you can pop into your port-having device and get online at typical 3G speeds, the interesting thing being here that your $50 a month for 5GB ($60 for unlimited) comes without a contract. You can pay for one month, take a month off, then pay for the next two, switch between 5GB and unlimited, and generally do whatever you like without getting hit with an ETF. What you will get hit with is a $100 up-front security deposit, or you can pay $200 if for some crazy reason you want to keep the thing. Telava promises "nationwide coverage everywhere," and while we're not sure which network it's piggy-backing on the coverage map looks reasonably comprehensive, so go get some, infrequent travelers.

Update: As a few of you have pointed out in comments, this appears to be T-Mo's network it's piggy-backing on.

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