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Champions Online's Revelation update gets official info hub

Kyle Horner

The hub page for Champions Online's upcoming Revelation update is live, detailing quite a bit of both the crunchy and fluffy information regarding the game. Players should be happy to finally have some new level 37-40 content in the new Vibora Bay zone, which has fallen under the control of the demon/angel Therakiel. And even if you don't have a hero that high, the new costume parts will bring some fresh content for all.

We think the new zone looks pretty good, especially since it's a much darker color palette than the rest of Champions Online. The addition of five new enemy groups should also help inject some more variety into the game. Lastly, the new cast of NPC heroes and villains look quite promising -- especially Juryrig, an almost "Junkpunk" looking cyborg dude.

If you're looking for more on Revelation, don't miss our recent interview with the game's executive producer Bill Roper.

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