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Itagaki's suit against Tecmo ends in settlement


Finally, Tomonobu Itagaki can have a restful night of sleep in his sunglasses. The ongoing legal dispute between the Dead or Alive creator and former employer Tecmo, over unpaid salary and bonuses, has ended in a settlement. Itagaki announced the resolution of the dispute in a public statement.

Itagaki didn't specify the terms, but we can only imagine a copy of Dead or Alive Paradise was involved. "How could I resist?" we imagine him saying, "It's my own private paradise, in the palm of my hand!"

As for things Itagaki actually said, the statement (per Andriasang's translation) revealed that he's working on something new: "I cannot wait for the day when I can announce to everyone the new title that I'm currently conceiving." Itagaki's aiming for "world class entertainment" with "a greater depth of play than before."

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