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Kwizzcard printed electronic game cards do the impossible, make Magic: The Gathering even nerdier


Kwizzcard is apparently a game that involves a smiley face, a couple triangles, and good dose of Gevaarlijk kruispunt. But that isn't what has geeks the world o'er giddy with excitement. To be debuted at Printed Electronics World 2010, the game card itself is manufactured by an Austrian start-up called Prelonic and features one battery, two displays, and ten push buttons -- and all the electronics are, you guessed it, printed. But that ain't all! If you're in the biz, the company can customize the product any way you like, with everything from sensor to RFID modules. If you're interested, look up the company's CEO Friedrich Eibenstein. Be sure to tell him Engadget sent you.

[Thanks, Barry]

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